+   i have over 20 years experience as a freelance graphic designer with a wide
    range of clients of all sizes. i am located in woodland hills, california,
    but with email and internet, i have the unique ability to work on your time.
    i keep myself accessible and enjoy forming close relationships with my clients.

+   i create design concepts that are clear, simple and concise. over the years
    i have designed, developed, and delivered hundreds of successful projects.
    i am dedicated to creating high-quality materials that will promote your
    business with simplicity and style. i listen, collaborate and execute clean,
    innovative designs.

+   my entrepreneurial spirit lends itself perfectly to launching your next project
    or bringing a fresh spark to your existing image or materials - creating or
    refining your image into one cohesive identity.

      i have creativity, energy and industry experience

+   proficient in: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver

+   with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the printing process, i can
    work directly with your printers or vendors – or provide you with access to
    my qualified, dependable printers and photographers.

+   contact me for a project estimate
+   i can be reached by phone: 818.884.0481 or email: aresnik@socal.rr.com